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Richard Shipley (1973-2022)

 Richard Shipley hailed originally from York (North Yorkshire) where he began painting in the 1980s as a graffiti artist under the pseudonym, CageOne; having lost his sight as a complication of Type 1 Diabetes and terrified that he might never paint again, Richard's artwork evolved into a purely abstract aesthetic where fragmented city scapes spliced with scars of light haunted his waking vision, Richard embraced the surreal nature of a being a blind artist but kept it completely hidden from the world as he refused to indulge in any sort of gimmick to sell his paintings, though he eventually withdrew from the wider urban art community after moving down to Bristol, Richard continued to experiment with aerosol art and digital compositions, having sold through such esteemed auction houses as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, his pieces are featured in private collections and Art exhibitions across the globe.


With an inspired acknowledgement of such pioneers as Boccioni, Richter and Malevich. Richard manifested both depth and dynamism in each piece, he was a prolific artist and painted or sketched every day.

Richard was a loving husband to Kristina and a dedicated father to Dante, Willow and Jazz, he was a man of great faith who was entirely fascinated by sacred geometry and leaves behind an unequivocal legacy of beauty, laughter and love.

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Bristol, UK

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